The Art: What is flow?

A form of expression during which participants move (or “flow”) to music using various props (such as fiber optics, hula hoops, or poi). There is a lot of research available on the impact of flow arts, but what we love to share most is simply how it makes us feel. The “state of flow” is an exercise in mindfulness. When activated, individuals share that they feel connected to those around them, calm yet energized, confident and creative. Awareness of time, effort and self are also released. We ALL can participate in flow. Whether as a one time exercise to unlock the potential and inspiration within us, as a formal practice, or as a fun hobby. The flow arts help to channel the energies around and within ourselves into a creative outlet. We all have a light that shines within us, and artistic expression supports us in shining that light back out to the world.

Inclusion: How will this program support the needs of all learners?

The flow arts support personal growth and multiple intelligences as learners engage in an inclusive space of self-expression and play. The act of “play” improves attention, concentration, and memory. Learners experience an increase in physical activity levels, strengthened social and emotional learning, and an improvement in mental health and well-being. Behaviorally, play supports resilience and self-regulation. LED props are used to move, or “flow,” with the music.


Mindful breathing exercises at the start of each session support the alignment of energies and the creation of an inclusive space. Restorative practice is utilized as a structural framework within the class sessions to build relationships and address conflict within the community.  Check-ins at the start and end of the class sessions also provide time for reflective dialogue, while journaling and jam sessions support sharing, accountability and constructive feedback.

Considerations: What about accessibility and affordability for schools?

We believe everyone should be able to participate in the flow arts. Currently classes are offered only in the virtual space. This is an inclusive space for all learners. We have loaner props available, wholesale discounts, and can also discuss sponsorship opportunities from local flow artists.

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