Our Founder

Our founder, Annette Bindert [Soul Rocker], is passionate about expression and education. She understands that learners construct knowledge and meaning from their experiences. Annette is a former classroom teacher, instructional technology coach, and current education consultant/flow artist. She has taught ELA, Social Studies, and Global Enrichment at the middle school level. Annette holds multiple NYS Certifications in early childhood, childhood, literacy, and gifted and talented education. She helped found the citywide gifted and talented school in Queens, and later transitioned to supporting K-12 teachers throughout the city as an instructional technology coach where she guided educators in transforming their classrooms and shifting their pedagogy to student-centered and inquiry based learning experiences. Annette performs poetry and song as well. Her love for music led her to the flow arts, where she unlocked her own movement and meditation style. She has attended festivals, shows, and community gatherings throughout the country, and further to Thailand (where a spark for fire spinning was ignited). Annette found a community that supports inspiration and identity: who we are, what we do, and how we support others. She immediately recognized the transformative impact that channeling creative energy and connecting within the community can have, and wanted to bring this transformation to all learners. From there, Soul Flow was founded in 2018. 

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